The Ideal Stroller For Active Parents

Are you are young mother with twins who wants to start exercising again? If you are but funds or time are somewhat limited that you cannot afford to go to the gym. Then why not consider purchasing a double jogging stroller instead of a traditional stroller?
It is important however before you do spend any money on this product that you do some research beforehand. So to help ensure that you purchase one of the right double jogging strollers that will meet your requirements and ensures a comfortable ride for your children we offer some guidelines below. If you keep these in mind as you do your research then finding your ideal double jogging stroller won’t prove such a challenge after all.If you want a detail comparison please visit My Best Stroller

How Big Are The Wheels?

It is important that you choose a double jogging stroller that has large wheels on them as this will help to ensure that it moves over rough terrain easily. The front ones should measure around 12 inches whilst the rear ones should be no less than 16 inches in diameter. Remember the smoother the ride the more comfortable your children will be and the more they will enjoy being out with you. Plus you will find those with larger wheels fitted to them far easier to push.

What Materials Are Used For Its Construction?

It is important that the model you select is made from materials that won’t bend easily. Ideally choose those models where the frame is constructed from aluminium and where the joints are welded. Also choose those models that come with seats that are able to recline and are padded again improving the ride comfort for your children when in it.

How much do the double jogging strollers you are considering weigh?

It is important that you need a very lightweight model if you can. Remember you will be pushing not only that but also two small children in yours and going for light weight models ensure that this can be done easily. Also going for such models will ensure that you don’t place any additional strain or stress on your body which could lead to injuries when out jogging, walking or running with yours.The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

How Safe And Secure Will Your Children Be In it?

Opt for those models that are fitted with five point harnesses built into them. This will not only ensure that your children are safe but will remain securely in place no matter how smooth or rough the terrain you are walking or jogging over it with is.

What Protection From The Elements Are Provided For Your Children?

You don’t want one that will protect them just from the sun and wind but one that also offers ample protection from rain. If you can opt for a double jogging stroller which are fitted with their own canopies over each seat.

What Type Of Handlebars Are Fitted On the double jogging stroller?

Ideally you need a double jogging stroller that allows you to easily adjust the height of the handles. This will then ensure that if your partner wants to take the children out for a jog or stroll he can without having to compromise on his comfort when pushing them along.

Is It Fitted With Shock Absorbers?

This is sometimes an additional feature that you will have to pay extra for. However if you are intending to spend a lot of time walking or jogging on roads that are uneven then having these fitted on any double jogging strollers will ensure that the ride for your children is a comfortable one. Plus it also means that the shock is dissipated more so you won’t feel it so much in your arms and upper body.